MMD €“ Lawyers were founded on Madrid in 1997 by the lawyer Montserrat Cebria Andreu as office specialized in the advising to citizens in subjects of criminal law, penitentiary, civil and of family.

The incorporation of new lawyers and administrative personnel has allowed to extend the knowledge areas and to offer to the client integral a legal advising that releases it of the annoying one to peregrinate by different offices.

The office, integrated by a team of professionals: external lawyers, collaborators, schellorship holders and advisers unfold a rigorous legal work throughout all the Spanish geography.

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Montserrat Cebria Andreu

Director of MMD lawyers with more than 30 years of experience. Emeritus Legal she has identified it as one of the best lawyers. She exerts in matters of Criminal law, Penitentiary and of Family; of recognized professional trajectory.

Stanislava Hristova Hristova

Lawyer in active-duty in MMD lawyers; it study of Right in the University of Valladolid and the master of access to the law in the Rey Juan Carlos university, worked as to help in legal Study Gonzalo de Apellaniz.

Mori gonz¡lez Isdel Pablo

Lawyer in Arts and Letters; professor accredited in Cambridge.  Studies of Right in the University of Alcala of Madrid. Legal commercial adviser and. Assistant of MMD lawyers and administrator of

€œJustice is defended with the reason and not with the arms. Nothing with La Paz is lost and can lose everything with the war.€


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