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Looking for conveyancing quotes online

Finding the right conveyancing solicitor to help you out in the legal aspect of your property transaction can be just as stressful as the conveyancing and the buying/selling process itself. Especially if you don’t have a clue where to begin with. As it is, conveyancing is probably the most crucial aspect of the transaction as it involves the process to oversee the legal transfer of property ownership, paying of taxes and stamp duties, and other important paperwork.

It is also in this process that searched on the property is carried out to determine its true ownership, legal eligibility to be sold/purchased, and if there are pending financial liabilities surrounding the property. Pending plans on the property and the local area is also determined during this process.

This is why, as a property investor, you should be able to find not only just a reliable but a very efficient conveyancing solicitor – to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the transaction, avoiding it to fall into a disaster.

If don’t know how to conduct your own search for a conveyancing solicitor, you can consider these five factors that are guaranteed to help you pick nothing but the best to act on your behalf.

Online Search, Recommendations, and Referrals

The Internet is a powerful to conduct a search for firms and independent conveyancing solicitors. You can check the official website of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers to see a list of accredited solicitors. If you’re not as Internet-savvy as the others, it is always best to see if your friends or relatives happened to have worked with a diligent and efficient conveyancer in the past. Their recommendations will surely help you list down a few plausible options. Alternatively, you can search for online conveyancing quotes to find a list of companies who can offer you an instant quote.

Cost Of Services

To narrow down your search further, check each firm or solicitor in your list for the cost of the services they offer and compare it against the amount you’re willing to spend. On the average, conveyancers may charge you roughly £500 to £1700, depending on the complexity of the transaction. Additional services may also be charged on top of the agreed price. It is always wise to ask for a quote from each conveyancer on your list. Some of them may offer a fixed amount for their entire services, while others may charge you by the hour or a percentage of the property’s selling value.

Quality Of Service

The excellent ones are usually very busy as they get endless referrals from a lot of people. But if the basis of the best quality is how much they have on their plates, try to sort things out some more by avoiding those you think to have one too many conveyancing cases in their files. They key here is to find someone you can give you as much time and attention as needed. If they’re handling too many cases, you’re likely to be at the end of their list, causing delays and inconvenience in the transaction you’ve committed yourself to.


The not-so-busy conveyancing solicitors don’t necessarily equate to inexperience and incompetence. While you’re crossing out the ones in your list that may not deliver what is expected, always consider how versed the conveyancing solicitor is with the local laws. This may help you further, particularly if you’re having a difficult leasehold agreement on the property. If the solicitor knows his laws and his books, they can make the process fast and stress free for you.


Your preference matters in this bit. Do you want to work with someone with state-of-the-art case management and update systems; or someone you can conveniently meet and talk to face-to-face, besides being accessible via phone and email? Effective communication is always the key to convenience. If you fully trust an online conveyancing firm, especially after you have learnt that they’re reputable enough, you can, by all means, employ their services.

But, if you prefer face-to-face talks with your conveyancer, hire a firm or an independent solicitor within the area. Not only will you have that “personal touch” while the tasks are being carried out, you will also have the convenience of bringing in the required documents in time, rather than having to use the post.

While these are just five of the many things you should consider, we reckon these will help you narrow down your long list of conveyancers to choose from. Once you have sorted things out and you’ve got one in mind to act on your behalf through the legal aspects of the transaction, make sure that you understand the terms you agreed with the services they offer. If something seems to be unclear or confusing, you may ask them to explain it further for you.


Making The Most Of Home Buying Through Estate Agents

An estate agent is probably one of the very few people that people sometimes loathe – partly because of their sometimes annoying persistence to sell, and then some. However, an estate agent may be the very key to solve your house buying problems without you knowing it.

Even though you cannot find yourself to be on friendly terms with an estate agent, you could still be able to win them over and get the best out of your home-buying activity. The key is to make them feel involved all throughout the process. Estate agents love to be contacted and be sought for sound advice. They also sometimes need to be prodded.

Honesty is also the best policy here. Although some potential buyers feel that estate agents may not be a hundred percent honest with them, some buyers also tend to lie about certain financial situations to agents. This is where the disconnect happens and the entire process just gets ruined.

When buying through an estate agent, you need to tell them right away details that are significant to the home buying process, especially things that have to come from your end. Let them know about your mortgage agreement in principle and who your lender is so they’ll feel that you’re determined to buy the property they’re showing you.  This also leads to encouraging them to help you further. Remember that it’s the seller paying them so if you happen to end up not buying, having spent time with you will be just a waste for them. There’s a handy mortgage calculator online which allows you to determine how much it will cost you per month.

Generally, estate agents also love to hear that they are being sought out for advice. So instead of telling them how much you have and what you want, you can politely ask them to help you get the best home out of your proposed budget. This can lead to them showing you your options.

It will also help of you will constantly stay in touch with them. The point of this is that you want to be informed immediately if there’s a good house for you on the market.

If an estate agent invites you for a viewing, make time for it. If for some reasons you won’t be able to make it due to a mix up in your schedule, inform them accordingly so they can make some adjustments that both of you may find convenient. If you just suddenly don’t show up without notice, they will just lose interest in helping you with your objective.

Now, before contacting any estate agent, try to find as much information about them or the real estate company they are with. It pays to learn about them and how credible they are because your comfortable and safe home depends on what they offer. Try to look for at least three different estate agents that you can compare and choose from.

As soon as you have gotten in touch with an estate agent, you can work with them in narrowing your search radius. Having knowledgeable estate agent with you in property-searching comes in very handy. The agents can show you a list of what is currently in the market, and those that are within a certain radius of the area where you wish to buy a house from.

Remember that agents are dealing with at least 10 other people looking for most likely the same property that you want. So, getting them on your side is going to be a tremendous help. Make sure that they get in touch with you first by showing them how interested you are in their help. You cannot just greet them and then wait for them to contact you.

Whenever estate agents send you an email or try to call you, make time to get back to them. Even if you’re just telling them that you’re not interested in the property they are offering at the moment. There is an unspoken three-strike rule among estate agents, and if you hit it, you won’t probably hear from them anymore.

In a nutshell, estate agents should be seen as helpful people. When buying a home, you need to treat them nicely to get the best of what you want in the entire process. Otherwise, you might just end up in a home-buying disaster.